Top 5 FREE Stock Image Websites and Why You Should Use Them

Created by Jay on December 31, 2023

Getting images for your website can be a pain, especially if you don’t have the means to take a specific photo for your specific idea. In comes Stock Images! They’re great and for the most part, they’re FREE!

But why even use stock images? Contrary to popular belief, you can’t just right click an image on Google, save it and use it. Someone, somewhere owns that image and by using it, you’re setting yourself up to C&D’s, angry emails and lawsuits. So let’s go over some alternative ways of not getting told off.


One of the most popular places on this list has to be Pexels. At least, popular for me. It was one of the first stock image websites I used and I still use it to this day. Especially around festive periods.

Stock Media Types: PhotoVideo


Owned by Canva, this might be one of the most extensive FREE stock images website here. It’s actually incredible. Just take a look.

Stock Media Types: PhotoVideoIllustrationVectorMusicGIF


Unlike the last two, Unsplash solely supplies images. But it separates itself with some cool features. Notably it’s ability to search for or find similar images! It’s REALLY cool, give it a try!

Stock Media Types: Photo

Life of Pix

Somewhat a hidden gem, but it’s wonderful for landscape images and more “raw” look images.

Stock Media Type: Photo

Foodies Feed

Absolutely PERFECT for people in the culinary business. Granted, you should show your own food, but if you want some wicked high resolution images of food. This is the place. Fruit, veg, PANCAKES. Really, what more could you want?

Stock Media Type: Photo

“But why can’t I just take one off of Google?”

To put it simply, it’s stealing. Not only is it stealing, it’s the kind of stealing that can be detected and it also exposes you to legal risks, which are far from the hassle-free experience you want.

Using free stock image websites are truly as win-win as you can get. You get high-quality, diverse, and legally sound images without spending a dime, and you’re supporting a community of artists who are generously sharing their work. It’s about being a responsible part of the digital world, respecting the creativity and effort of others, and safeguarding yourself from unnecessary complications.

In conclusion, next time you need an image for your website, blog, marketing or digital content. Consider picking one of the 5 awesome recourses above. Maybe even slide them some coin as a thank you!

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