Content Initiative


Gears Utility’s Content Initiative was a really fun project! The idea around it is providing access to assets to a wider creative community. The first thing to do was map out a funnel of sorts, from the main page, to the assets. This funnel is a 3 step one, they go from the home, to their dashboard where they see relevant updates etc and finally they can access the assets. We didn’t want too many barriers to entry, but still enough so that the user knew what was new!

User Dashboard

It was also important that users could get access to updates wherever they were, so we introduced a notification hub! Users could click it and see all the recent updates, no matter when it was!

Update Hub

Finally, it was important to have the users able to access all assets, so folders were created and a search bar was added so they could find specifics!

Asset Hub

And that’s how we created The Gears Utility Content Initiative website!