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Using Professional Tools to Get The Job Done!

Built on WordPress, one of the biggest, best and most popular CMS' in the world. Granting you the ability to learn more about how to expand upon your brand new website with brilliantly simple blocks.
What we use
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Built around YOU and YOUR budget for YOUR business.

When it comes to websites a one size fits all approach simply doesn't work. That's why we'll work with you to optimise the best website possible for your budget, timeframe and needs.
You'll Have Access
We won't lock you out of your own website, we don't believe in that. Once your website is complete, it's yours to do as you please.
Need Autopilot?
If you'd like to not have to worry about updates breaking your website, general maintenance etc.
We can take care of that.

Why JMLPDesigns?

Here's just a few reasons to choose us!


So, you need a way for people to book your services? Maybe schedule a meeting? Hotel? Food?
No problem! Booking Systems are on the rise and now is a great time to have one perfectly integrated with your website!
You'll get complete control over it, so you'll be able to add, remove and change the things you'd like!
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Whether you're a brick and mortar, selling from a storage unit or home. You'll need a beautiful website for visitors to go and buy your goods.
Your website is just as important as your brand, so why treat it any different?
Get the most out of your E-Commerce store with full control!
No locking away extra products behind paywalls, no worries!
Once we've finished building your website, we'll pass it over to you and you can add, change and remove anything you like!
Take payments with PayPal, Stripe and more!


Mobile responsiveness comes as standard with all websites from JMLP Designs.
No matter if you're on a desktop, tablet or a mobile device, your website will look fantastic!
Not enough designers in this industry put enough time into the mobile experience and that's a shame...
Did you know over 50% of people in the WORLD, use their mobile to look at websites?
You're more than likely viewing this website on one right now.
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Three Key Rules

Mobile Responsive

Whether you're on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile you can be sure that your new website will look beautiful on all of them!

Cost Effective

Your budget is always taken into consideration and we'll always inform you if something is viable or if it'd take you out of your budget.

In Control

Once your website is finished it's yours to do as you wish. Feel free to add things, remove things or change things!

We do other things too!

It's not all web design this and web design that.
We also do all of this!
Website Health Checks
Fast UK Web Hosting and Managed Hosting
Logo design and general design
Printing of all things, including flyers, posters and more
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