Tamworth Web Design

We build modern, mobile responsive websites for you and your business.
Not only that, but we also do logo design, website management, app creation and so much more!
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Chances are, you're reading this on a mobile device and your customers are no different. That's why our websites are completely mobile responsive and scale on all devices!


We use modern tools for modern projects to provide you with the BEST solution! No more janky, ugly looking ways to update your website. We use a WordPress CMS and we give you the power to update YOUR site as you wish. It is YOURS after all.


We have a monthly Web Health Package that includes core updates, backups, Privacy Driven Analytical data and more! Respecting your customers privacy is cool and we all love to be cool. That's why we respect your customers rights to privacy.

We Do It Right

There's three key things a lot of web designers get wrong and here at JMLPDesigns we go above and beyond to get these things right. We pride ourselves in it.

Designed With Input

Along with us and the rest of the world, you have ideas! We welcome those ideas and we'll work with you to try and take them and add them to your amazing website!

Ongoing Relationship

We don't want to just build your website, we want to help grow it too! We understand that there's some things you might not be able to do or maybe you just don't have time to do it. Just call!

You're in Control

A lot of designers will essentially lock you out of your website, they might even charge you to add something as simple as a new blog post! Not us. Add the things you need, from posts to pages!
We have

Three CORE Services

Web design built, managed and maintained in Tamworth.
In-house printing. From cards to A1 posters on all kinds of paper/ stock.
Ecommerce solutions that'll make your competitors blush.


We'll work with you, not against you.

Questions Never Hurt

How much will my website cost?
Honest answer? It's hard to say. Without knowing what you'd like.
There's a few variables to consider, such as:
Template base or custom / bespoke.
The amount of pages.
What the website actually does, is there dynamic data?
All these questions and more are what determine the price.
But if, for example, you wanted a template based 4-5 page website, you'd probably be looking at about £249-£349.
How long does it take?
A project can take anywhere from a week to four weeks and in some cases longer. As with anything, it's entirely dependent on the complexity of the project and if all the text, imagery etc is sent before hand, we can get it done quicker!
If you're in need of speed, feel free to inform us of your timeframe and we can help visualise some sort of roadmap with you to hit your deadline!
I know the kind of website I want, can you do it?
Of course! We usually encourage people to send over 3 websites they like the look of and ask them what about these websites they actually like. That way we can get an understanding of our clients tastes and what they're looking for in a website!
If you already have this, that's fantastic! Let' talk!
Jay Pagano
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